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June 7, 2011
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  • Noahtomlin

    The definitive North American fighting game tournament, EVO 2011, has just started mere hours ago. Now you can watch all the intense action in two different ustreams, courtesy of our friends at

    The first stream covers Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (today) and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (tomorrow). The second stream features Mortal Kombat 9 today, while Tekken 6 and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 will happen tomorrow. I've embedded both streams below for your viewing pleasure! Feel free to taunt/support/mock/cheer on your most beloved or hated fighters in the comments.

    Stream 1

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  • Noahtomlin

    id Software's newest IP, Rage, is all about enemies with personality. At least, that's what is emphasized in this newest developer diary from the granddaddy of FPS developers.

    I'd recommend giving this a view, even if you're not a fan of first-person shooters, because it shows just how much dedication and thought goes into enemy design, something which most gamers (myself included) seem to take for granted.

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  • Noahtomlin

    Now, now, children, let's not fret about like chickens with their heads cut off. Nintendo may have posted a huge second-quarter loss this year, but that doesn't mean the company is doomed just yet. These are the creators of the money-printing DS and Wii, after all.

    After announcing an $80 price cut for the 3DS, Nintendo said they lost close to ¥25.5 billion (a little under $322 million USD) in the second quarter of 2011. That's a lot of money, enough to make most companies quake in their diamond-covered boots, but for a company as huge and recently profitable as the House of Mario, it is merely a decent setback. With some long-promised 3DS titles as well some new Zelda game coming out the second half of the year, things are still looking up…

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  • Noahtomlin

    The Shetland Islands are pretty much the middle of nowhere, as desolate and remote as you can be while still being in Europe, let alone Great Britain. They also have no Internet.

    Yet somehow, New Scotland Yard arrested a Shetlander who served as "spokesperson" for Lulzsec, the grey-hat hacking group known for ticking off pretty much everyone on the planet.

    It's unknown how "Topiary" (his real name: Jake Davis), a 18-year-old kid, managed to be a spokesperson for an Internet-based vigilante group while living on an island with no Internet. We're sure Scotland Yard will release more details soon.

    Source: Kotaku

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  • Noahtomlin

    The poor sales of Red Faction: Armageddon have officially killed off the franchise. THQ chief executive Brian Farrell confirmed this in a conference call yesterday, saying "we do not intend to carry forward with that franchise in any meaningful way."

    The upside to all of this? Volition, the former developers of Red Faction, are not going down with the franchise. They are instead working on Guillermo del Toro's first video game project, inSane, so not all is lost.

    You may mourn this latest loss at the Red Faction Wiki.

    Source: Kotaku

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