The unofficial logo of LulzSec, the hacker group responsible for attacks on Sony, Bethesda, and now BioWare.

We know who you are. We don't know why you do this. But we want you to stop.

While LulzSec has yet to officially claim responsibility for the recent attack on BioWare's servers, it's pretty safe to assume at this point that the grey-hat hacker group is behind this latest attack on the Edmonton, Alberta-based game company, creators of Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and, of course, Neverwinter Nights.

It is this last game that concerns us in this article, as more than 18,000 accounts, some more than a decade old, were compromised. BioWare posted an emergency notice on the Neverwinter Nights forum confirming the attack, but deny that any credit card information or social security numbers were compromised, although hackers may have gained access to usernames and passwords. Per the announcement, "If you did not receive an email from us, or if your password still works for your EA account, your username and password were not compromised. Nevertheless, changing your password regularly is always helpful to protect your account."

Neverwinter Nights players are encouraged to contact BioWare customer support at 1 (866) 543-5435 if they have any further questions.

Source: BioWare Social Network

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