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Duke Nukem Forever Launch Party to be Held in Dallas, TX

DNF launchParty small

After fourteen years in development, a nice party is certainly in order.

One of the biggest jokes in all of gaming is about to be put to rest, and developer Gearbox Software wants you in Dallas, Texas to help them celebrate the end of Duke Nukem Forever's storied, fourteen-year-long development cycle.

If you can prove you are over 21 years of age and live in the United States, mark June 11, 2011 on your calendars. Starting at 8 pm., Gearbox will be hosting "Duke Nukem Presents: Happy Ending", a Duke-themed party with entertainment from The Crystal Method and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

You can go here to request an invitation. However, it's likely that they will be out of bubblegum by the time you arrive, so be ready to kick some ass instead.

For more information about the upcoming Duke Nukem Wiki or just the Duke Nukem series in general, please check out the Duke Nukem Wiki

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