Duke Nukem Forever Box art

Should you come get some? According to the press, the answer is mostly yes.

Three days before the game's official North American release, reviews for the highly-anticipated and oft-delayed Duke Nukem Forever have started appearing on the Internet. The press seems cautiously positive of the multi-decade project, with some criticizing the dated visuals and clunky gameplay, while others believe that its flaws are compensated by a fun single-player campaign and Duke's trademark lewd sense of humor.

It's still early, but so far Duke Nukem Forever has a 76 Metacritic rating on PC (from 3 positive, one mixed review) and a 55 rating on consoles (one positive, five mixed, two negative reviews). We'll keep you updated as more reviews emerge.

UPDATE 6/13/11: Duke Nukem Forever's console rating now stands at 50, based on twelve reviews (one positive, seven mixed, four negative).

For more information about Duke Nukem and the Duke Nukem series please check out the Duke Nukem Wiki

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