In case you are unaware, some gamers were a little upset recently when it appeared that Battlefield 3's preorder-exclusive downloadable content, "Physical Warfare", would tip the multiplayer balance in their favor. The Internet basically exploded like a dedicated server out of hell, but I for one commend DICE's recent response to the calls for boycotts and other such classy Internet behavior.

In a statement posted on EA's official Battlefield blog, DICE clarified that the Physical Warfare DLC pack would be a timed exclusive for pre-ordering customers, and will eventually be released as free DLC for all Battlefield 3 players later this year. The statement also clarified that another DLC pack, Back from Karkand, would be released as free DLC for everyone at a certain point after the game's release, and is not a timed exclusive for any pre-orders or platforms. It's a refereshingly honest and blunt PR move for DICE, directly addressing fan concerns and even hinting they "always knew our pre-order offers for Battlefield 3 would be open to misunderstandings." Regardless, I think the backdraft is being handled very maturely by the Battlefield team, and it will be interesting to see if this can quell the fans' apparently misguided anger.

Source: Battlefield Blog - Physical Warfare Pack available to all Battlefield 3 players later this year

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