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Remember that really neat-sounding Zelda concert tour that Nintendo announced at this year's E3? If you are of Canadian stock like yours truly, here's some good news for you courtesy of our friends over at Kotaku. When asked about whether the Zelda concert would be coming to Canada, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said "It should be doable."

While we don't exactly have an outlined Halifax-to-Vancouver schedule just yet, at the very least Canadian Zelda fans should be optimistic at the chances of this undoubtedly awesome-sounding concert coming to our home and native land. While we did end up getting a few stops in the Video Games Live tour a few years ago, the scheduling was a bit iffy and suffered from poor publicity.

Unfortunately, if you live in Latino countries, the news is a little more grim. It seems unlikely, according to Fils-Aime, that the Japan-, Europe- and North America-bound tour will be stopping in Santiago or Rio di Janiero any time soon.


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