It seems like CBS, as most major news outlets are these days, is both late to the party and a bit behind the times when it comes to video game news. FutureDave over at VG24/ took this picture (right) of CBS attempting to report on the recent theft of over 1.3 million Sega Pass users. Instead, they somehow seemed to imply that the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis itself was hacked. And even worse, they couldn't even get the picture right; the console in question is not a Genesis, but the Sega CDX (not to be confused with the Sega CD, which was a Genesis add-on).

For those keeping score at home, the Genesis was three console generations ago and was officially discontinued nearly fifteen years ago. Sure, fifteen years may not seem like a lot to the research staff at CBS, but for us gaming whippersnappers, 1997 might as well be 1840.

If one positive thing can be taken from this event, at least CBS wasn't trying to demonize our favourite pastime even further by somehow implying that Sega deserved the hack.


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