The cast of 2005's Psychonauts, (from left to right) Sasha Nein, Coach Oleander, player-character Razputin and Milla Vodello.

The publishing rights to Double Fine Productions' 2005 sleeper hit Psychonauts are reverting back to its developer, meaning that Double Fine will make royalties from each copy sold that would have otherwise gone to Majesco Entertainment. The news was leaked yesterday in a Tweet by Double Fine senior programmer Anna Kipnis, and was later confirmed by Double Fine head Tim Schafer himself in a statement to Gamasutra.

Eager fans, however, should be warned that according to Schafer, they don't quite have the publishing rights just yet. In the aforementioned statement, he said that "there are some more deals that need to be worked out and contracts that need signing before that actually means anything, financially."

Once the deal is struck, Schafer plans on announcing "some fun stuff", but sorry, "It's not Psychonauts 2."

Source: Gamasutra

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