2011 06 24 U3 Beta details
Just a friendly reminder that the public multiplayer beta for Naughty Dog's Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception starts tomorrow for all PlayStation Plus users. Keep in mind that although there are eight game modes and three maps available, each session (roughly one week each) will be hosting different gameplay modes on each map.

Team Deathmatch will be available throughout the beta; while 3-Team Deathmatch will run during the first (June 18-July 4) and third (July 9-13) sessions; Plunder and Co-op Arena will only run on the first session; Free-for-All, Team Objective and Co-Op Hunter will only be available on the second (July 4-8) session; and Co-Op Adventure will only be available on the third session. As for maps, Airstrip and Chateau will be playable during the first two sessions, with Yemen replacing Chateau in session 3.

I know I'm excited for this beta. How about you?

For more information on the Uncharted series, please visit the Uncharted Wiki.

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