Flying pigs
Here's one milestone story that's bound to resurrect the old check-the-temperature-in-Hell meme: the ultra-violent chainsaw-bayonetting testorone fest Gears of War 3 is landing on German shores completely untouched. A Eurogamer user named Benjamin received confirmation that the game would be uncut from several representatives at a Microsoft even in Munich.

In a country whose Jugendschutzgesetz has made it virtually impossible for most ultra-violent games to be sold in the country, even to responsible adults, this is a huge coup for German gamers and common sense everywhere. Just don't go firing your chainsaw rifles into the air in celebration. It could get a little messy.

On an unrelated note, this article marks my 200th edit as a Wikia gaming journalist. Yipee!

Source: (German), Joystiq (English)

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