Okay, so it's not just "some guy", but Jonathan Holmes, the site's assistant editor. Even so, I think it is safe to say we're all really jealous as we can only watch while Mr. Holmes gives the slowbeef treatment to Mario's first 3D platformer for a handheld, which is apparently just called Super Mario now.

And here's a few new tidbits we've been able to ascertain from this video:

  • The level timer is back from the classic Mario games. There are also clocks you can pick up to extend the timer, like the green fruit from Super Mario World.
  • Levels will switch between 2D and 3D seemlessly like they did in the Super Mario Galaxy games.
  • The Tanooki Suit works like it did in Super Mario Bros. 3. You can hover for a short time, but apparently you don't need a running start anymore to do it. There are also Tanooki Goombas. God help us all.
  • The health bar has been eschewed in favour of the old-fashioned Small Mario/Super Mario/Powerup Mario system.
  • Similar to New Super Mario Bros., you can touch the bottom screen to bring a powerup to the top and use it there. The demo started with the Tanooki suit in the bottom already.
  • I saw something that looked like a Comet Coin from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • The 3D does...something. It's unclear what, because it was turned on off-camera, but it was enough to impress Mr. Holmes.

Overall, this is a highly informative and slightly disturbing video. Let's hope Mr. Holmes remembered to clean the Nintendo 3DS before passing it to the next person in line.


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