An advertisment for the Hampster. Notice the light grey block. That is the game.

4-bit gaming is rare and never existed. Maybe because 4 bit only has 16 pixels on-screen at a time. The video gaming industry skipped to 8-bit. Now DS Auto has made history. I present to you, the Hampster System. This console has 2 controller USBs and has a multiplayer option for every game. The Hampster has made 10 games for the console. Everything is homemade in a garage. So, wondering what a 4-bit game looks like? Here.
4 bit

a screenshot of Claude 4-Bit. You can see that there is 16 pixels. THe brown block you run into. Might look like a trashy game but when you play it. It is awesome.

How much a Hampster System costs?

Well, we don't have other languages for the Hampster. So if you have a freind that is French, German or whatever the other countries are. Be sure they know English or you can't play it.

Anyways, a Hampster costs $12.50. A game costs $2.50 and a memory block costs $4.50. So if you buy 1 game, 1 memory block and 1 console. In total. $19.50. Just 20 dollars for this masterpeice.

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