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Fallout New Vegas preview in PC Powerplay

There's not much in Australian PC Powerplay Magazines Fallout: New Vegas preview that we haven't already gleaned from other articles since E3, but here goes:

  • New Wild Wasteland trait, which unlocks wackier variants of existing content.
  • From a design and technical point of view, it made sense not to continue the story of the Lone Wanderer.
  • New Vegas is a fortress.
  • Sidequests may be more rewarding than the main quest.
  • Critical path is only 20% of the main game.
  • Epic moments, like Liberty Primes trip through DC, will litter the critical path.
  • Unique dialog for low intelligence characters.
  • Survival skill, for cooking at a campfire.
  • Certain drinks will dehydrate you in hardcore mode.
  • Some classic Fallout 1 & 2 energy weapons will make a reappearance.
  • Some areas may have vegetation.
  • Still unconfirmed as to whether or not Dogmeat will be back.
  • Converting a mod to work with the new tool kit will require some work, but is relatively simple.
  • The G.E.C.K. tool kit will ship with the PC version of the game.
  • This is the Fallout game that Chris Avellone and Josh Sawyer wanted to make.
  • New Vegas will bring some closure to the events of Van Buren.
Source: PC Powerplay
posted on: 14:52, July 4, 2010 (UTC)

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