With details about the Durango allegedly right around the corner, there are still a few questions left about the PlayStation 4 we’d like to see answered. While Sony rightly put the focus of their system’s debut on its software and games as opposed to the hardware (controller excepted), we still want to know what it looks like. After all, we’re gonna have to look at that box next to our TVs for at least the next 5 years.

There's always a chance that the actual unit might be as radical looking as the mockup above, and Sony is holding back to blow our minds, but given their history of fairly conservative looking systems, we wouldn't bet on it. Let's also not forget that the system’s x86 architecture, means there's no real limit to what kind of connectors or peripherals it can support.

So what would you like to see from the PS4’s hardware design? More black obelisks? Pastel George Foreman Grills? A sphere that refuses to stay in one place? Does the design of the actual system even matter to you? Also, what kind of A/V or connection ports would you like the hardware to have? USB 3.0, Thunderbolt? DVI? Let us know below!

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