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Greetings Encyclopedia Gamia!

Matt, Jorge, and myself will be streaming Nidhogg and Samurai Gunn today, (January 17th, 2014) at 3:00PM PST on Wikia's Ustream channel! If you're not familiar with these games, they're both super fast, competitive, player versus player experiences, so expect to see one of us Hulk out and throw our controller at the monitor. Nidhogg is a 1v1 side scroller where two players attempt to kill their opponent while making it to their goal at the opposite side of the screen. It's really fun. Samurai Gunn is kind of an 8-bit Super Smash Bros where up to 4 players wall jump around a level waiting for the opportunity to slash or shoot one another. It's also really fun.

We've embedded the stream below for your viewing pleasure.

Hope to see you there!

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