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As the current generation of systems slowly draws to a close, we’re left to reflect and look back at the legacy of the PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo’s Wii. Everyone will have a different opinion about which system was the best of this generation, but the question becomes even more interesting when you compare these consoles to every other generation of gaming as well.

While number crunching is certainly one way to pick a favorite, we’re a little more interested in which system you personally consider the best of all time. Go back as far as you like, Atari 2600? Sony PlayStation 2? FM Towns Marty? Some factors to consider: innovation, quality of the game library, reliability, or heck, even just your pure nostalgia. We’d love to get opinions from around the world, and see how the systems are remembered in countries outside of the US/UK, so please chime in if you qualify!

We’ll use some of these responses in an upcoming landing page for the next generation consoles, so please take a moment and let us know what your favorite console is/was in the comments below!

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