With hard details of the next gen consoles finally beginning to be revealed, anticipation for Microsoft's new system is at a fever pitch. Sony was first to discuss the details of their next console, The PlayStation 4, showing off its new controller, features, and major launch titles, while Microsoft has been mostly silent. The new Xbox has been the topic of several rumors, spreading from various news outlets, inside sources, and social media. Let's discuss one of these rumored upcoming features of the Next Xbox: Kinect 2.0

Motion controls are (allegedly) back, but who's buying?

Few things that have failed to resonate with the core gaming crowd harder than Microsoft’s Kinect. Sold as the future of game controls, most gamers saw it as a “me too” reaction to the Wii’s runaway success with selling motion controls to a wider audience. Gamers were equally let down by its generally abysmal game library, which features some of the lowest ranked games on the system. Add to that its mediocre functionality, and the massive amount of room real estate required to even get it to work, and it seems bizarre that Microsoft would still pitch Kinect 2.0 as one of the major selling points of their next-gen console.

So we’d like to ask the community, what would it take to get you interested in the Kinect 2.0? Better functionality? Better games? A treasure chest full of jewels and gold coins? Or do you enjoy the Kinect and think we're being too harsh on the peripherpal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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