Hola Wikians! 

Remember April 9th, 2013 my friends, for it marks the birth of a new segment called "Twitch Tuesdays"! As You might imagine, this does not mean we'll be jerking around on the floor and spazzing out weekly, but instead means we'll be streaming gameplay from a recently released title while yammering into a mic.

Today's game is the just-released Guacamelee!, a downloadable title for The PS3 and Vita that blends Metroidvania style gameplay with a colorful, playful, take on Mexican folklore. It's also got some Beat em Up combat and combo elements in there because, hey, a luchadore needs those if he wants to be taken seriously.

We're planning to start about 2PM PST, so feel free to pop some corn and grab your beverage of choice. As always, let us know what you think, and make sure to follow us on Twitch!