Dont starve banner

This week we continue our new segment, Twitch Tuesdays, with some luscious gameplay of the upcoming Don't Starve. This unique game tasks the player with surviving in the wilderness for as long as possible with limited resources. Developed by Klei, creators of Mark of the Ninja and Shank 2, the game's hardcore nature is blended with a unique art style that recalls Tim Burton's animated features, or that kid with the eyeliner who's a really big Neil Gaiman fan. The game officially drops April 23rd, though anyone who preorders gets instant beta access and a discounted price. Still on the fence? Check out our stream and make up your own mind then!

TLDR: On April 23rd, from 2PM PST to 3PM PST, we will be playing Dont Starve on PC. Come watch!

The Stream

The stream will be live below. Stay tuned tomorrow for our stream. After the stream is completed, we will update this post to a link of the video archive. Be sure to follow WikiaGames on!