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As far as DLC is concerned, map packs, new characters, and new weapons are all well and fine, but we’re partial to DLC that re-envisions games as gonzo neon 80’s action films filled to the brim with one liners and lasers. Which is why we’re excited to play the new Far Cry 3 stand-alone expansion, Blood Dragon. Replacing the game’s relatively serious tone with a completely goofball revamp dedicated to the cheeseball VHS action heroes of yore, it’s the kind of no-holds-barred approach we love to see from DLC content.

On April 30th, from 2PM PST to 3PM PST, Doug and myself will be shooting dragons with lasers and spouting one liners, check it out!

The Stream

The stream will be live below. Stay tuned tomorrow for our stream. After the stream is completed, we will update this post to a link of the video archive. Be sure to follow WikiaGames on!