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It's a testament to the diversity of gaming that we actually have several options available when it comes to surgery games. While the anime-styled Trauma Center offers a serious, bizarre, and dramatic spin on the pressure of the ER room, Surgeon Simulator 2013 goes the complete opposite direction. As some sort of back alley sawbones named Nigel Burke, you ineptly attempt to perform surgical procedures with a variety of tools at your disposal, most of which are not designed for such delicate work. Add to that the game's intentionally less than precise controls, and you've got a wrongful death lawsuit waiting to happen!

On May 7th, from 2PM PST to 3PM PST, Doug and myself will be inadvertently butchering innocent patients in Surgeon Simulator 2013! Witness our crimes on Twitch then testify against us in court!

The Stream

The stream will be live below. Stay tuned tomorrow for our stream. After the stream is completed, we will update this post to a link of the video archive. Be sure to follow WikiaGames on!