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This week Twitch Tuesdays is changing it up, taking a look at 4X space sim Endless Space's upcoming expansion pack Disharmony. For those not familiar with the term, 4X is an abbreviation for "Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate". Think Civilization, but in space. That's a reductive analogy of course, but it's the kind of game where blowing stuff up isn't the only way to win.

Endless Space - Disharmony is scheduled for a June 26th release on Steam and will retail for $10.

UPDATE: We'll be starting closer to 2:30 PST, apologies for the delay!

On June 18th, from 2:30PM PST to 3PM PST, Jorge and myself will be sitting down with Doug Perry and playing/chatting about the new Endless Space expansion.

The Stream

The stream will be live below. Stay tuned tomorrow for our stream. After the stream is completed, we will update this post to a link of the video archive. Be sure to follow WikiaGames on!