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    Welcome to the new Racing Portal. Sports Games and Racing Games now have separate portals.

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  • Revitalizer

    Redesigning the Wiki

    December 11, 2012 by Revitalizer

    Hello all! Recently I reached out Encycopedia Gamia's lead Administrator Adan Aileron about requesting a makeover for the Wiki's Main Page and Portals. Adan Aileron was supportive and gave the green light to work with Wikia staff to implement some much needed changes. As you may have noticed, this Wiki's Main Page contains a lot of old, totally unused content and has a fairly archaic design for a Wiki of this size. As for the Portals, they lack any uniformity and again contain outdated and unused features. All-in-all, it's hardly ideal for the most comprehensive source of gaming knowledge and directory of gaming Wikis on Wikia.

    I'm writing this post to get some input from you, a member of Wikia's gaming community, about what you'd like see …

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