aka T. Rogers

  • I live in ...
  • I was born on December 25
  • My occupation is Nerd/geek/gamer/CIA agent
  • I am Male of course
  • Sammyfun1

    I am known among some groups as The Guy Who Is Good At Street Fighter and/or Starcraft 2. (These are invariably the groups that don’t play much of either. When I hang out with my friends that do play either one, I’m usually The Guy Who Isn’t Very Good.)

    “It’s so competitive when you play against another person.”

    “It’s too hard.”

    “You have to practice so much.”

    “There are just so many good players out there.”

    I hear these things a lot. The person I am talking to–let’s call him Johnny Doughnuts–is making an excuse, even if he doesn’t realize it, for why he isn’t as good at Starcraft 2 as I am. Why he chooses to spend his time doing something else. And really, I don’t care. Some people want to get good at Starcraft 2, others want to get good at sk…

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