• Sigma 7
    1. Another Day in the life of Bob. This is intened to be a more modern version of Jones in the Fast Lane, giving more options and detail than the previous game. However, it's not exactly good, since it is more of a grind fest - there is a place you can continuously click to switch between getting as much money as possible and refilling energy required to progress. Some other places require a large amount of stat gain, which requires a lot of alternating between two buildings.
    2. Aquaria. Game is complete, but yet to write the walkthrough.
    3. At the Carnival. This is a puzzle game, good enough to take a look at. The puzzles themselves aren't that difficult given the available walkthroughs, although some tend to be tedious (e.g. twenty-seven 3x3 w…
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  • Sigma 7
    1. The Addams Family: A standard issue platformer. The full version seems a bit more complex than what I originally played on the Amiga demo; although it could simply because you could choose which sections of the mansion you would like to complete first.
    2. Alfred Chicken: Another standard issue platformer. The only task is to actually finish this game, which is made a bit easier by finalizing some tactics.
    3. Angband: A simple roguelike, and an obvious favorite for munchkins. It's more of a marathon game rather than seeing how long you can survive - teh game is based around harvesting magical items as you progress deeper into the dungeons.
    4. Aquaria: This was picked up at a few of the humble bundles. Everything above the abyss seems to be complete…
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