1. Another Day in the life of Bob. This is intened to be a more modern version of Jones in the Fast Lane, giving more options and detail than the previous game. However, it's not exactly good, since it is more of a grind fest - there is a place you can continuously click to switch between getting as much money as possible and refilling energy required to progress. Some other places require a large amount of stat gain, which requires a lot of alternating between two buildings.
  2. Aquaria. Game is complete, but yet to write the walkthrough.
  3. At the Carnival. This is a puzzle game, good enough to take a look at. The puzzles themselves aren't that difficult given the available walkthroughs, although some tend to be tedious (e.g. twenty-seven 3x3 word squared)
  4. Axelay. Currently at Stage 6, and the enemies that approach and close upon the ship tend to be a bit deadly. Of course, the stage is known to be rather deadly.
  5. Bart's Nightmare. A mini-game game. Seems to be a bit tedious in some scenes, with not knowing how long they may be, or if you're going to suddenly fail.
  6. Castlevania: Bloodlines. A password system that tracks number of continues and lives... At least you don't have to perfect-play the first stage each time you play the game.
  7. Clean Asia!. Still working on clearing the game with the attractor.
  8. Creatures II: Torture Trouble. This is a puzzle platformer, with emphasis on figuring out how to actually solve a particular puzzle, when you have limited lives and have a time limit to solving the given puzzle.
  9. Diddy Kong Racing. Still figuring out the best routes, but made a bit of progress.
  10. Double Dragon: Fists of Rage. Intro screen showing the moves resulted in the character moving well from where he should be, thus not demonstrating the moves. It also had a script breakage at the start of Stage 2, where there was no visible means to proceed (only a vehicle, that didn't seem to respond to anything). And near the end of stage 1, it froze for a few seconds while it switched to the boss music. And that's why you should make sure your game doesn't break when played.
  11. Frozen Synapse. Turn based strategy, just working the way though the missions. The computer AI was rather easy, but it suprisingly only supported ~17 units while still permitting the menu to add more than that.
  12. Harmony. A free total conversion of Doom.
  13. Lady Sia.
  14. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
  15. Leaderboard Golf. It wasw considered one of the better Golf games for its time, although rendering is a bit slow, and it may sometime be hard to judge how far a ball will land if you aren't doing a full power shot.
  16. McDonald's Videogame. A flash game trying to simulate the burger empire. Already found a way to sustain the empire for long enough, but there otherwise isn't a victory screen to indicate that.
  17. Metro 2033. Finished the game, and yet to finish the walkthrough. Turns out that "Ranger mode hardcore" difficulty doesn't provide the "ranger mode easy" achievement.
  18. Neverball
  19. Pokémon Ruby
  20. Prince of Persia. Neat, the SNES version is remixed slightly.
  21. Puzzle Bobble. Just enough to grab two missing images for that page's walkthrough.
  22. Renegade
  23. Run or be Mechanically Separated. Nothing too special.
  24. Super Mario Bros. 3
  25. Supreme Commander 2
  26. Tank Universal. Completed the game, and planning the walkthrough (or something).
  27. The Addams Family. Did you know entering the default password of "11111" gives ~100 lives?
  28. The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
  29. Torus Trooper
  30. Vagrant Story
  31. Wasteland. There's allegedly a way to improve skills by engaging enemies. So far, I haven't seen it.
  32. Zero Wing. Reached Stage 2.

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