1. The Addams Family: A standard issue platformer. The full version seems a bit more complex than what I originally played on the Amiga demo; although it could simply because you could choose which sections of the mansion you would like to complete first.
  2. Alfred Chicken: Another standard issue platformer. The only task is to actually finish this game, which is made a bit easier by finalizing some tactics.
  3. Angband: A simple roguelike, and an obvious favorite for munchkins. It's more of a marathon game rather than seeing how long you can survive - teh game is based around harvesting magical items as you progress deeper into the dungeons.
  4. Aquaria: This was picked up at a few of the humble bundles. Everything above the abyss seems to be complete,
  5. At the Carnival: A puzzle game written by someone who really doesn't like carnivals.
  6. Batman: This is one of the better NES games. While difficult, it is still accessible enough because of unlimited continues, which lets players get better practice on sections that are difficult rather than forcing them to the beginning.
  7. Batman: Arkham Asylum: One of the better modern games.
  8. Battle Chess: Basically, a skinned version of Chess. The AI isn't that strong, especially at the lower levels.
  9. Biker Mice from Mars: Standard racing game
  10. Bombing Room: This is a platform game, wher you need to collect all green orbs on a given level. However, the levels could leave something to be desired, considering that there is a strict time limit for them, that requires strict planning.
  11. Canabalt; highest score was around 7500. Don't think I'll beat that for a while.
  12. Clean Asia!
  13. CryptRL: Protip - make sure the game doesn't crash after taking one step. Don't expect too much from this right now, since development has stalled.
  14. Digimon Battle Spirit 2: Standard fighting game, although an interesting twist where you have to pick up orbs that are dropped when you hit the enemy.
  15. Dragon Warrior
  16. Elona
  17. The Fool's Errand: Standard puzzle game, and wrote a walkthorough for it.
  18. GridRunner Revolution
  19. Harmony an 11-map Doom mod. Nothing too special, aside from the maps being a bit large.
  20. La-Mulana: Finally finished the freeware version. The only thing left is to get the forbidden treasure at the extra-hard hell temple.
  21. The Last Ninja: This one's done. Completed the game, and it doesn't seem the other two games in the series fix the gameplay mechanics.
  22. Light-Bot 2.0
  23. Mario's Picross: Recovering lost save data isn't fun.
  24. Mega Man 7
  25. Metro 2033: Started this game on Ranger Mode Hard. While noticably difficult, it doesn't seem that hard compared to Doom's nightmare mode (as was implied by the "you will die" message when selecting that difficulty.)
  26. Pathways: Standard art game, intended to give a story rather than a
  27. Pilotwings
  28. Sonic & Knuckles
  29. Space Giraffe: Noticed that some start bonuses weren't as high as they should have been. Still, completed about a third of the levels in the game.
  30. Super Double Dragon: Wasn't interesting, with enemies generally following identical patterns, and it just being a strict button masher.
  31. Super Mario Bros. 3
  32. The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena: At least the copy protection allowed activation after the Christmas rush (when the activation servers were offline.) Aside from the long melee-weapon sequence, it seems to be standard issue.
  33. The Settlers
  34. Turrican II: The Final Fight
  35. Winged Gear
  36. X-COM: Terror from the Deep: Reached Lobstermen, and they are currently attacking a cruise ship (where I cheated just to see in which of the 1x1 rooms they were hiding in). In this game, I'm considering restarting just to ensure that the solders have better stats, now that I know how the stats work.

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