With the coming reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, it makes sense that there would be a new game tie-in for the series as well.

Cue Activision and Beenox Studios, the developers behind Spider-Man: Edge of Time, to announce the new Amazing Spider-Man. The game will see a return to the open-world gameplay of Spider-Man games past, as well as a new mechanic being called "Web Rush" that will be used for pulling off "a vast array of moves never before possible" according to a post from Activision. To read more on the game, head over to or click right here. The trailer for the game is shown below.

In other Spider-Man related news, Wikia will be starting an Amazing Spider-Man wiki for both the new game AND the new movie. If anyone is interested in helping with the project (writing/editing articles, being an admin, or just hanging out in chat) let us know in the comments! We'll be sure to get in contact with you for further updates on the project.

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