MCV (or The Market for Computer & Video Games) just revealed that the PlayStation 4 and the new Xbox consoles will both be announced at this year's E3 event.
On one hand, this is very exciting news! With new consoles comes all the new game announcements, speculation on any new IPs, and wondering what other developments the console itself will have along the way (remember all of the rumors after the Nintendo Revolution was announced?).

On the other hand, this is a minor publication with a "totally reliable source" that somehow has info on both companies. I'm not saying that this information is wrong, but I am saying that it should be taken with a grain of salt. Also, it seems almost every year there is someone shouting that new consoles will be announced.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Microsoft has announced both the Xbox and the Xbox 360 at the Game Developers Conference, which takes place this year at the beginning of March. With this trend, we may have a new Xbox announcement even sooner than E3.

Are you excited to see the new consoles already? Are you happy with the current generation of consoles? Let us know in the comments. And because this may qualify as an official announcement already, let the speculations begin!

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