Every year, E3 is a major announcement waiting to happen.

It's what the "Big Three," Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, wait for to announce awesome new games and gizmos. Below are our biggest questions for the Big Three for E3 this year. Make sure to add your questions below in the comments!



Microsoft is the first to have their major press event. It will be taking place on Monday, June 4th at 9:30 AM Pacific Time.

1. Will there be any announcements about a new Xbox?
The whole industry is abuzz about the possibility of a new hardware announcement. Microsoft has denied any such announcements, but we'll see what happens when the time comes.

2. Will there be any new Kinect stuff?
Microsoft has focused on their motion-based peripheral every year since announced. It makes sense that this year won't be any different. One rumored addition is the "Kinect Play Fit" dashboard upgrade. If you use your Kinect to stay in shape, this will help you keep track of stats and other fitness-related things. There have also been talks of a Kinect-powered Internet Explorer browser that might make an appearance in a console update soon.

3. Will there be any new new exclusives?
From Fable to Gears of War to Halo, Microsoft has had a killer exclusive line-up. Will there be any new games to add to that list? Game Informer has already let slip that there will be a new Gears of War game from Epic, so let's wait to find out if there will be any more.


Sony Logo

Sony will be next for their press event. It will be taking place on Monday, June 4th at 6:00 PM Pacific Time.

1. Will there be any announcements about the PlayStation 4?
Rumors have been flying about new consoles, despite Sony saying that there will be none at this year's E3. We'll just have to wait to see what happens.

2. Will there be a PlayStation 3 price drop?
Word has spread about a drop to around $200 for Sony's gaming system. Will this be what finally gets people to pick up a PS3?

3. Streaming or Cloud Storage for games?
The biggest rumor about Sony's event will focus on how the company moves into the world of no physical media by teaming up with a streaming-content provider to have games streamed straight to your PS3. It's looking likely that Sony and Gaikai will team up, but OnLive could also be a potential partner.


Logo nintendo

Nintendo is the last to go of the three. Their press event will take place on Tuesday, June 5th at 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

1. What will the Wii U be like?
Nintendo has said that the "final product" of the Wii U will be at E3. Expect a lot of news about it. Leaked photos have showed a redesign of the tablet controller to feature dual analog sticks.

2. Will there be 4 player on the Wii U?
As of right now, the Wii U only supports two tablets at once. Since Nintendo is known for their easily accessible games, don't be surprised with this one.

3. How much will the Wii U cost?
No announcements have been made for how much the Wii U will cost. Only time will tell, but let's hope for a low cost!

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