Olympic Header Boxing is the most gentlemanly way to punch someone in the face. Although these contestants aren't exactly "gentlemen," who do you think would come out on top between Ralph, Mike Tyson, King Hippo, Balrog, Liu Kang, Nick Carlyle, Grayson Hunt, Wei Shen, Niko Bellic, and James Vega

And the medalists are...


From the get go, this was a blow out, as Mike Tyson easily won this contest with 614 votes, almost 50% of all the votes. However, many of you have noted that Tyson shouldn't technically count as a video game character. So if you go by those classifications, the "true gold" went to James Vega who finished in second with 186 votes to win the silver. Rounding up the pack was Liu Kang who impressively received 165 votes to place third and respectively take the bronze.

Thanks to all who voted. Be sure to check out the other events still being held!

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