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    To put it bluntly shared-world shooters are essentially the World of Warcraft of the console industry, allowing players to enter online servers and share their usual shooter campaign experience with friends or strangers from across the world on large online maps. No more so is this World of Warcraftesque gaming experience seen than in Destiny, where players are able to join parties to attend raids. With shooter genres and MMO genres accounting for vast majority of the senior gaming market, it seems only logical to take the advantages and best features of both genres and combine them; thus resulting in shared-world shooters.

    So what does this mean for shooters? Fear not, your run-of the mill offline linear campaign shooters which feature onl…

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    Are Games to Blame?

    April 1, 2013 by T3CHNOCIDE

    Are Games to Blame?

    With the increasing grasp of the gaming industry over public leisure time at a global scale and the apparent increase in violence in society, it can be easy for the media to form the hypothesis that the two parameters are directly correlated. Gaming has persistently been subject to blame for anti-social and violent behavior in youths, and has even been targeted on regular occasions by the American National Rifle Association as the cause for gun orientated killing sprees. However, how much of this is truth based in imperial evidence, and how much is the media and organisations using gaming as a scapegoat?

    Despite persistent criticism from experts which claim that no good evidence has been seen which links video games to vi…

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