2012 was a big year for first-person shooters, with a new game being released in just about every major FPS series (Halo, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Far Cry etc). The genre showed some amazing promise this year, and definitely delivered on the fun for those who are fans of the genre. Whether you enjoy the frantic competitive modes of Halo and Call of Duty, or the open world of Far Cry, or the item and character focus of Borderlands, there was something for everybody to sink hours into. And that leaves us with the question, what about next year? Have we exhausted all of the great games for the next year? Or is there more to look forward to?

2013 has some amazing first person shooters coming out, and the following list is just a few of them. More installments from major series; whether they are established series or newer ones, are showing up. Let's take a look at what to expect for gaming next year. 

Metro: Last Light


Metro:Last Light is post-apocalyptic first person shooter and is the sequel to Metro 2033. The game contains elements of survival horror. The game returns the ranger Artyom to the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow. Beneath the city, in the tunnels of the metro, mutants stalk and hunt. Amongst this chaos, the station-cities of the Metro are locked into a struggle for power. A civil war begins to stir that could potentially wipe out humanity forever. The game will be released in March 2013.

Crysis 3


Crysis 3 is a first-person shooter under development by Crytek. The game is the third installment in the Crysis series.  Players will take on the role of Prophet as he returns to New York City. The New York City Liberty Dome is a urban rainforest filled with trees, swamplands, and rivers. Set in 2047, Prophet is set on a revenge mission against the corrupt Cell Corporation. The game will run on the CryEngine 3 game engine and will be released in mid Feburary 2013.

Bioshock Infinite


Bioshock Infinite is the third game in the critically acclaimed Bioshock series, this time taking place in the large floating city of Columbia. Building on the ideas of American Exceptionalism as agent Booker DeWitt is set to rescue a held captive named Elizabeth. The two characters then get pulled into a war between factions in the collapsing city. Similar to previous Bioshock games, the player uses a combination of firearms and psychokinectic powers to dispatch hostile foes and explore the fanstastical city. With the city floating in the sky, the environments are large, open-air and provide an array of combat challenges. The game will be released on Feburary 26th, 2013.

Shootmania: Storm


Shootmania is an upcoming game developed by Ubisoft and Nadeo. The game shows similarities to it’s sister game, Trackmania. The game spouts expansive customization features allowing players to create and edit their own maps and gametypes. Nadeo has stated their interest to make ShootMania stand out from other games in the genre through design features, such as making a rocket launcher-style weapon the primary weapon. Players can also customize the shields on the backs of their characters. Ubisoft and Nadeo have hopes of the game being adopted into the pro gaming circuit. The game is set for release on January 23, 2013.

Prey 2


This upcoming open world FPS is being developed by Human Head Studios. The game is a seuqel to the 2006 videogame Prey. The game follows US Marshal Killian Samuels who’s passenger flight crashes into an alien ship, and afterwards is taken to the alien world of Exodus. There on the alien world, he becomes a bounty hunter and does not retain any memories before his abduction. Killian will run into Domasi 'Tommy' Tawodi, the protagonist of the first Prey game, and slowly begin to piece his memories back together as the game progresses. The game has no release date announced, but we're expecting a 2013 release.

Killzone: Mercenary


Killzone Mercenary is a PS Vita shooter, and the second in the handheld Killzone series. The campaign will allow players to fight alongside Helghast and ISA specialists carrying out missions that regular soldiers are unable to do. As a mercenary, players are able to decide which tactics and equipment loadouts their use to fufill their contracts. Players can earn rewards from completing jobs, including new weaponry and equipment. The game is scheduled for release sometime in 2013.



Arma III is an open world tactical shooter developed by Bohemia Interactive. The story takes place during the mid 2030s, during a military operation launched by NATO forces, called Operation Magnitude. These forces fight within Europe against a faction of Eastern armies led by resurgents in Iran. The single player campaign will follow a British Special Forces solider, Cpt. Scott Miller. Missions will include solo, lone-wolf style missions as well as commanding large scale operations. The game takes places on the Aegean islands of Lemnos and Ai Stratis in the Mediterranean sea. The game is set for release sometime in 2013.



Survarium is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (phew!), with role-playing and survival elements. The game is developed by Vostok games. The game will have a focus on an uninhabitable environment brought forth by an ecological catastrophe. Two game modes have been planned, included player vs. player combat in a team-based setting, as well as cooperative missions in a player vs. environment setting. The game will include a reputation system. The game is set for release sometime in 2013.

Dead Island: Riptide


Dead Island: Riptide is an open-world action role-playing game developed by Techland and is the direct sequel to Dead Island. The game’s story will pick up where the first left off, as the four survivors find themselves on the island of Palani, which has been overrun by zombies. A new location, the town of Henderson, will be included in Ded Island Riptide. THe town is situationed on the island of Palani and caters to ultra-wealthy tourtists and entrepreneurs. A new fifth survivor, US Navy man John Morgan, will also be introduced. The game will be released sometime in 2013.


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