The War Continues

Gears of War: Judgement is the newest game in the Gears of War franchise and serves as a prequel to events previous in the series. Longtime protagonists Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago will not appear as lead roles. Instead, the game follows the actions of Kilo Squad. Lt. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole take the lead this time around. The campaign takes place immediately after the aftermath of Emergence Day. Kilo Squad is accused of treason with a pending trial, and the battle continues against the Locust in Halvo Bay.

Longtime Gear soliders make a reappearance in the game, this time taking the spotlight. The game follows Damon S. Baird and Augustus Cole are considered the main characters. Baird's strengths come from his knowledge of several technical and mechanical fields, as well as analyzing Locust weapons, documents and more. Augustus Cole's outrageous personality, grit, and intensity brings plenty to the battlefield. The game will also be the return of Clay Carmine, the oldest of the four Carmine brothers. New characters include Sofia Hendrik, Ezra Loomis, Garron Paduk, and Kam
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Early during the war against the Locus, Kilo squad is accused of treason by Col. Ezra Loomis after Baird leads Cole, Sofia, and Garron into battle against the Locust in Halvo. During this operation, they steal experimental Coalition of Ordered Governments technology, to assist them in the fight.

Judgement has a heavy arsenal; full of brrand new guns as well as the return of old favorites.

Classics like the Bolktok Pistol, the Hammerburst, Lancer, and Gnasher Shotgun are just a few guns to reappear. A handful of the new guns include the Booshka, a drum loaded grenade launcher, the Breechshot, a straight-pull bolt-action rifle, and the Markza, a semiautomatic rifle. Two new grenade types have also been introduced, the Stim Gas Grenade, which have the ability to heal and revive teammates, and the Beacon Grenade which can take targets (while also making them weaker)

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Newly introduced in Judgement's multiplayer is the OverRun game mode. This mode consists of five player teams that alternate between Locus and COG soldiers. PLayers were be able to play as Medic, Solider, Engineer, and Scout classes. A new Free-For-All mode has also been revealed. Players take an every-man-for-himself role in this game type. Epic has stated that this mode will pit COG soldiers against fellow COG soldieries; a billed "test of the wits and will". Multiplayer characters include Baird, Cole, Sofia, Garron and more. Some characters are offered as pre-order bonuses from different retail outlets, including Young Dom, Young Marcus, Anya Stroud, Alex Brand, and Jungle Tai.
The maps of multiplayer include:

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