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The Xbox Reveal has ended, and we're given plenty of information to digest before this year's E3. Microsoft came out with guns blazing, and within ten minutes unveiled the name of the new console, Xbox One, as well as showing off the improved controller and Kinect. Various features of the console were shown, including the updated Dashboard, and the integration of live television.


Big announcements such as an in-works Halo television series produced by Steven Spielberg, an exclusive partnership with the NFL, a built-in game DVR, multi-user Skype video chats, as well as the reveal of new titles, including a new Forza Motorsport, EA's FIFA, Madden, UFC, and NBA franchises, Remedy's new IP Quantum Break, and Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Ghosts.

For more information on the announcements of the show, check out the live-blogging notes below.


How would you rate Microsoft's presentation? Were you excited by the new console features? What do you think of the new look for the console, controller, and Kinect? What do you think of the console's integration with live TV?

How about the games shown? Excited? Not excited? How do you feel about the partnership with the NFL? The Halo live-action television series? The trailers for Forza, Quantum Break, Call of Duty: Ghosts? Which console do you feel has the edge at this point? Let us know in the comments!

Live-Blogging Notes

9:55 AM - Microsoft's countdown has formally begun, we are just five minutes away from the start of the presentation.

10:00 AM - The presentation has begun! The first speaker is Don Mattrick.

10:07 AM - The announcement of the formal title of the console, the Xbox One, with the visual display of the console, revealed a new controller, AND the new Kinnect. 

10:09 AM -  Yusuf Mehdi is the next speaker, he speaks of the quick log-in and shows of the new dashboard. The new area of the Dashboard 'Trending', showing off the popular content of friends and those on Xbox Live. Speaking commands can allow the user to seamlessly to switch between the Dashboard, Gaming, Live Television, and Music. 

10:13 AM - Xbox One has the ability to do multiple things at once, through a mode called Snap Mode. Easily interact between didn't types of media. For example, Mehdi showed off this feature by playing Star Trek (2009), while browsing Internet Explorer at the same time.

10:15: AM - Xbox One has the ability to do multi-user Skype video chat, also while in-game, in-television, or in-movie. 

10:17 AM - Xbox One can use your voice to instantly switch channels, or check the a television guide instantly, without using a remote control.

10:20 AM - Mark Whitten is the next speaker, talking about three investments, the console and the architexture, advances in the input devices, Xbox Live reinvented by the cloud. 5 Billion Transisters, 8 GB of RAM. Blu-Ray, 64-bit architecture, variable power states, silent operations. 

10:22 AM - Kinnect is redesigned to respond to you. 2 GB of data per second, The new Kinnect sensor in 1080p, with camera and Skype, More joints, the rotation of a wrist, shoulders, and the transfer of wait. 

10:25 AM - The controller can have D-pad, new 'impact triggers'. Tablet and phones can become controllers for the Xbox One. When all devices work together, the sensor is the binding power.

10:26 AM - Can load saves across the cloud. Playing games, a dedicated game DVR to capture gaming footage, with editing tools. Achievements become dynamic and changing. 

10:28 AM - Andrew Wilson from EA is the next speaker. Four sports themed games: Fifa, NBA Live, Madden, and UFC. Developed in a new EA Ignite engine. A trailer showing footage from across these games was shown.

10:33 AM - The next speaker is Phil Spencer. He shows off one of the new exclusive franchises, Forza Motorsport. The new Forza wlll be available at launch.

10:39 AM - Remedy will be developing a new game, Quantum Break. The game is revealed with a trailer, time seems to play an important role in thegame.

10:42 AM - 15 Exlusive games avialable for the console in the first year , with 8 of them being brand new franchises.

10:44 AM -  The next speaker is Nancy Tellem, who discusses the relationship between the Xbox and television.

10:45 AM - Bonnie Ross is the next speaker, from 343 Studios, to talk about Halo A live-action Halo series will be developed, with the involvement of Steven Spielberg! 

10:48 AM - Xbox will have an on-going partnership with the NFL, to offer exclusive content, and a seamless experience with fantasy football.

10:50 AM - The presentation is coming to a close, the console will be released later this year. 

10:52 AM - Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC will be released on Xbox One before other release. Ghosts will feature new characters and a new story. The game will be created within a new engine.

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