A few months back, Sony had their first PlayStation 4 press conference, revealing several details of their new console, including features, launch titles, and the new DualShock Controller. It was an exciting event that help fuel the anticipation for the new console cycle. At the conference, a few teasers to upcoming launch games were announced. A post detailing a few of these launch titles can be found here.

There will be more to come for the console, surely, but are there plenty more games to come for the Playstation 4. Sony has plenty of great series that could continue to appear on the new console, or entirely new games from well-established studios.

What are a few game titles that you'd love to see on launch day of the PS4? Any new releases from some of your favorite series? (God of War, Uncharted, Resistance, etc?) Or perhaps a new game from a particular studio? (Quantam Dream, Kojima Productions, Team ICO, etc?). What launch game would make the PS4 a must-buy for you?

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