Sony's Playstation 4 Conference has brought forth a slew of new information, screens, and videos of upcoming Sony releases. The conference was heavily hinted to be a proper unveiling of the Playstation 4, but instead Sony focused more on the company's future ambitions as a part of this exciting new console cycle. Presenters addressed 'Playstation Nation' about the philosophy of their design process, some exciting new features and focuses of the future console, and ended with a glimpse at some future games for both current gen and next gen consoles. 

Sony's Focus

Andrew House, current CEO of Sony Entertainment, helped lead the conference. He stated right off the bat that Son'y focus on the next generation of consoles is to make the gamer the central focus on the Playstation, no longer being bound by the living room realm. 

Mark Cerny, lead system architect for the new console, unveiled a few system specs, including X86 CPU, Enhanced PC GPU, and 8 GB of Unified Memory. He also unveiled the controller for the new console, The DualShock 4.

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The controller spouts a few enhanced features, including a quick 'share' button that allows users to instantly record videos and snapshots that can be shared across the system's online network. The controller seems to also spout some Move-like capabilities. Controller sticks have become concave, face buttons and directional pad have been resized slightly, and the front of the controller is outfitted with a small touchscreen. The underside of the Dualshock 4 contains a bright light that can also help easily identify players.

The console will sport a focus on social media, allowing players to easily network with their friends across existing social networks. Sony also touched base on an interesting feature; the ability to instantly pause and resume the system. The console can be put into a sleep mode that preserves all game contents within memory, allowing for instantaneous bootup of an existing game state.

Perhaps the most futuristic of Sony's focus is the ability to play downloaded games instantly. Details on this process are a bit vague, but Sony claims the ability for users to begin playing games as they are downloaded. The system will allow for gameplay and downloading simultaneously. Sony claimed the downloading process can even resume while the console is turned off.

Remote Play was also hinted at, allowing cross-functionality between PS VIta and the PS4. Games can essentially jump from one console to the other in real time, a feature that Nintendo has also taken interest in with their newest Wii U console.


Knack PS4 Playstation 4 Trailer01:18

Knack PS4 Playstation 4 Trailer


Mark Cerny unveiled his own project during the conference, the charming Knack. The game is shown to utilize the processing power of the new suystem well. With visuals reminisncent to a Pixar movie, the third person action game following a tiny morphing robot who can absorb objects throughout the gameworld to become stronger. 

Killzone 4 Shadow Fall (PS4) First Gameplay Trailer Reveal New PS4 HD07:51

Killzone 4 Shadow Fall (PS4) First Gameplay Trailer Reveal New PS4 HD

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Fans of the Killzone series will have plenty to be excited about with this brand new title of the franchise. Few details were shown beyond the footage shown.

Drive Club PS4 Gameplay Demo06:46

Drive Club PS4 Gameplay Demo

Drive Club

Evolution Studios are behind Drive Club, and the game spouts some series visuals. The developers promise an insane amount of detail within the car models, down to the individual carbon fiber panels. The game will link to a companion app on smartphones and tablets. Players can put together their own 'club' of racers, as well as organize huge tournaments that can support thousands of players.

InFamous Second Son PS4 Trailer02:05

InFamous Second Son PS4 Trailer

Infamous: Second Son

Sucker Punch Studios revelaed Infamous: Second Son, a PS4 exlcusive. The game is centered around oppressive, always watching governments. In a world where powerful members of society oppress the average citizen. However, these citizens will develop superpowers, and then turn the entire city upside down. 

The Witness gameplay (early build sep '10)03:16

The Witness gameplay (early build sep '10)

The Witness

The Witness is a new upcoming 3D puzzle video game by Jonathon Blow, indepedent developer and creator of the indie game Braid. The game takes place on an expansive, open-world island that houses different climates and environments. Players solve puzzles, most of them resembling mazes. With these mazes complete, more are unlocked, along with new areas to explore on the island. The game has been announced as a PS4 exlcusive.

Deep Down Trailer SONY'S ANNOUNCEMENT 201302:45

Deep Down Trailer SONY'S ANNOUNCEMENT 2013

Deep Down

Capcom's new game was called Deep Down. Few details were shared at the conference, but the video accompanying the announcement showed an intense fight between a knight and a dragon. The video boasted some serious eye-candy. No details about release date, or whether the game is set to appear on other consoles.

Watch Dogs Open World Gameplay Premiere Commented North America04:43

Watch Dogs Open World Gameplay Premiere Commented North America


Ubisoft Montreal's Watch_Dogs has generated a good amount of hype over the past year. The game portrays an interesting universe where players can hack into various electronic systems, either to obtain and control information, or to destroy those devices completely at specific times. Players take contorl of Aiden Pearce, who can use any electronic devices against the city's central operating system. Actions including jamming cellphones, obtaining access to bank accounts, and more. 

Diablo III First 20 minutes of gameplay19:34

Diablo III First 20 minutes of gameplay

Diablo III

Blizzard's third installment in the Diablo series will be making a jump to consoles with the PS4. Focus will be set on allowing a four-player local mulitplayer. 

Destiny PlayStation 4 Announcement01:56

Destiny PlayStation 4 Announcement


Bungie's latest IP has plenty of potential, and the backing of Sony will bring some exclusive content to the system. What do we know about the game? Bungie has stated the game will be 'alive', with many in-game events outside the control and plans of the developers themselves. It'll be an always online first person shooter than will incorporate MMO elements. 


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