Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm is an expansion pack to the sci-fi real-time strategy game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and part two of the planned Starcraft II trilogy. The expansion includes additional units and mulitplayer changes from Wings of Liberty, as well as a continuing campaign that is primarily focused on the Zerg Race. The expansion includes 20 missions and the new multiplayer changes will surely mix things up for fans. What is the verdict on this new expansion? Let's take a look. Be sure to let us know your opinions in the comments!

Loved It

Vandal Online 


"It's a great expansion that takes a step forward from all we've seen previously. There are more situations in the campaign, a more competitive multiplayer and it's more accessible for new players. It's not perfect, but it'll keep us playing for a long while."



"Heart of the Swarm transforms the StarCraft II landscape in all the right ways--enough to surprise and excite you, while still being amiably familiar at its core. As with its predecessors, it offers fast-paced real-time strategy with a great amount of accessibility and no skill ceiling in sight. Rather than feeling like an ugly middle child between Wings of Liberty and Legacy of the Void, Heart of the Swarm is a star in its own right."

Edge Magazine


"For an expansion, Heart of the Swarm is a dense package, adeptly fashioned and hugely enjoyable. But while its core game might be perfection, Heart of the Swarm itself isn’t."

Metro GameCentral 


"There’s little attempt at innovation in Starcraft II’s first expansion, but enough refinement and fine-tuning to please fans both new and old."



"For RTS fans starved of major releases, PC fans increasingly abandoned for exclusive IPs and, of course, Starcraft fans in their millions, HotS is a massive slice of expertly crafted, beautifully balanced and totally tactical gameplay...Just don't make us wait so long for the final chapter, please! 



"With Heart of the Swarm Blizzard knits a worthy add-on to Starcraft 2, and there's currently not a better real-time campaign anywhere."

Thought it was OK

No decent reviews of Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm have been received yet.

Hated it

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Wikian Reviews

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