The details of the next generations of consoles are beginning to be revealed. Sony was first to discuss the details of their next console, including showing off the new controller, console features, as well as some next-generation launch titles. Microsoft's latest console, however, has been mostly silent on details. The new console has been the topic of several rumors, spreading from various news outlets, inside sources, and social media. Let's discuss one hot rumor about the Next Xbox: Always-Online

Is Always-Online the future for the next Xbox?

The trend of always-online games begun late in this console generation, with games such as Diablo III and SimCity (2013) launching their games with an always online component. Microsoft has neither confirmed nor denied that the Next Xbox will feature alway-online, but various new sources have stated that the feature could be likely. Of course, this always-online component will prevent all players from enjoying their purchased console games if they lose an internet connection. Some developers and publishers feel that always-online is the future for gaming.

Do you think that the next Xbox will have the always-online feature? Do you think this is a good decision or not? What would the effects be of this feature? Would this feature prevent you from purchasing the next Microsoft console? Will future games be able to use this feature in new or innovative ways? Let us know your thoughts on this rumor in the comments!

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