The details of the next generations of consoles are beginning to be revealed. Sony was first to discuss the details of their next console, including showing off the new controller, console features, as well as some next-generation launch titles. Microsoft's latest console, however, has been mostly silent on details. The new console has been the topic of several rumors, spreading from various news outlets, inside sources, and social media. Let's discuss the upcoming featurer about the Next Xbox: Non-Game Applications

What Non-Game Applications Mean for the New Console

Those who own an Xbox 360 are aware that the console functions much more than a simple gaming console. Microsoft relied on the use of non-gaming applications to also push sales of the console. Immensely popular applications like Netflix, HBO GO, and ESPN allows for easy streaming of video clips and television shows/movies. Music channels such as and Zune allow for users to play music. Microsoft created official apps for Twitter and Facebook as well, allowing players to easily log into their social media accounts and update them from console.

Do you think that the Next Xbox will continue the trend to include non-gaming apps? What apps do you feel are assured to get support, or which apps would you like to see appear on the console? Should Microsoft focus more or less on non-gaming apps? Does focusing on these non-gaming apps take away quality from the games/console? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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