Dragons are everywhere in videogames, serving as enemies, allies, friends and foes. Games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim give the player powerful shouts in the dragon language, while games like Spyro the Dragon allow you to utilize your horns and wings to charge against enemies, and fly across floating platforms. Or do you prefer raising your own dragons, like in the popular game DragonVale? Dragons are perhaps the coolest fantasy creature, and they are very well represented in the games we play. Do you have a favorite dragon-themed video game? One that allows you to take control of one? Perhaps fly on the back of one? Raise one?

Then let us know! Let your opinion be heard in the Top 10 Dragon-Themed Games Top 10 List. Vote on your favorites, or add your own if they aren't already represented. Which game does the most justice to dragon's everywhere? The power lies in your votes!

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