We are relaunching the Encyclopedia Gamia Wiki, along with several enhancements, core code changes, and hopefully, a new direction both for user content, and for the Wiki itself. First, the changes!

New Forum

The forum has been relaunched, and is now running on Wikia's original Forum code. New forums have been added, and if there is call in the future, sub-forums can be added for specific topics or franchises. The Chat is also up and running.

Battle of the Franchises!

As a way of marking our relaunch, we are having one massive play-off between gaming's biggest and baddest franchises. There will be sixteen 1 vs. 1 battles, after which, each winner will be paired against the one next to it. Week 1 will compete against Week 2, and so on. This will continue until we have The One.

User Submissions

We would very much like to see fellow gamers contribute a more personal feel to content. To that end, we are currently accepting video submissions. At this point, it could be anything, the only qualifier being it cannot be part of an existing series of videos (mainly so that long-term projects, such as Minecraft and Terraria playthroughs, can be handled separately at a later date.)

New Infobox!

As part of our drive to increase the quality of content offered, and ensure that a lot of coding can be done for us, we have a new Infobox, GameInfobox. It has been designed to present more accurate information, with a balance between content offered, and content available. Many options allow us to automatically include templates, and this will be expanded upon in the very near future.


One of the problems with what is expected to be a very large amount of data is how that data is sorted and presented to the user. There are currently three 'indexes' that we offer to the user.

The Game Index does what it says on the tin, it allows us to display alphabetically, video games that have been developed. We currently accept all types of video games, for all consoles and gaming machines ever made. We will even endeavour to include browser games and flash games.

The Company Index enables us to list every company that has been involved in gaming, either as a studio, developer, publisher, distributor, or holding company.

The Hardware Index will aim to detail every console, gaming machine, and accessory ever developed, as well as gaming-specific technology and media.


One of the great features of having a wiki on Wikia is the ability for each wiki to have a clearly defined set of boundaries for what content it should cover. For this reason, Encyclopedia Gamia will be using four additional wikis for the purpose of providing additional information for subject matter not strictly related to gaming, while in addition reducing reliance on Wikipedia as a resource. These wikis are:

  • TechWiki, for general technology articles not related to gaming
  • Computing Knowledgebase, for hardware articles that generally relate to Personal Computing
  • Software Wiki, for non-gaming related software, such as operating systems
  • Moviepedia, for referencing films and cinematic media that games may be based on or inspired from.

Our main goal at the moment is reorganising existing content and creating a platform to further expand content when this phase is nearing completion. Stay tuned!--TwoTailedFox (My Talk Page) 01:31, May 1, 2014 (UTC)

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