Not a heck of a lot has changed since the last update, but there have been several improvements and refinement of the main game infobox, GameInfobox.

In the last year, it's become clear what sections were and were not working as well as intended, and several sections have either been removed, or replaced with something better.

First off, one of the most important refinements, is how we treat the term platform. In reality, there are two platforms; hardware and software. Hardware would be the physical console that a game has been released on. However, there are two important exceptions to this; because of the vast differences in both the PC, Tablet and Smartphone markets with regards to operating systems, we count operating systems in the same vein as hardware for platforms. We support the following operating systems, with more on the list:

  • DOS
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Windows RT
  • Mac OS
  • Mac OS X
  • GNU/Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry OS

GNU/Linux also encompasses the upcoming SteamOS operating system being developed by Valve Corporation. This may be revisited in the future, and separating Linux into major constituent distributions may be a possible course of action, given that Ubuntu and other Debian-based distributions tend to be more heavily supported over other platforms such as Fedora Core and OpenSUSE.

Software platforms represent launchers and clients that allow for digital game downloads, or online services that provide the same. Online would be the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store or the Xbox Live Marketplace, while software would be Origin, Steam, etc. Tentative support has been added for PlayStation Now in preparation for the launch of the service. OnLive support exists for historical reasons.

In addition to PSN and XBLM, we support the following software platforms.

  • Desura
  • Gameforge Live
  • GOG Galaxy
  • Glyph
  • Origin
  • PlayOnline
  • Steam
  • Uplay

Ratings have also been improved. Instead of one drop-down box per rating organisation, they are now combined into one, allowing for more information in less space. It supports most current and historic rating systems used in the world, barring rating organisations that lack pictographs. Rating systems supported are BBFC, IFCO, ELSPA, PEGI, GSRR, KMRB, ESRB, USK, OFLCA, OFLCNZ, ACA, DJCTQ and CERO.

Metacritic support has been expanded, and individual scores and links can be added per platform. Uplay has also been added to the allowed store links, and redundant categories have been removed.

Year and OS variables have been removed, as they duplicate existing functionality elsewhere.

Additional software to run games is also supported, and software such as Java and Adobe Flash is supported.

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