• Veilor

    Rocksteady has taken their time and released the box art for the upcoming Batman: Arkham City.

    Batman: Arkham City will be released on October 18th later this year so look for these on your chosen platform.

    Read more about Batman: Arkham City on the Batman wikia

    Source: Gamesradar

    Picture Source: Swedish Gamereactor

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  • Veilor

    MTV Games and Harmonix has announced the release date for Rock Band 3 which will be released worldwide on October 26th.

    Rock Band 3 will introduce a new peripheral, the keyboard, a Pro mode where you can play with six-stringed guitars and also learn to play the guitar. Apart from that the game also adds harmonies to songs and drop-out/drop-in gameplay.

    The DS version of the game will work like Rock Band: Unplugged which was released for the PlayStation Portable and have a different setlist of songs.

    The game is in developement for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

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  • Veilor

    Since discovering this wiki back in April, I have seen loads of pages where the general info is really out of date. Take God of War III for example; The post doesn't even say the release date was announced as March 2010(back in fall 2009 I think it was), but holds instead speculations from 2007. I am certain that you all know this problem, I am just curious how this wiki lost it's updates back in 2007-2008? As it seems that most pages last edit were from then. Again this is just myself asking. I really think this wiki has the potential of being a general gaming wiki, but if a visitor wants in-depth info, the games own wiki would be the place to go. As I've seen on several pages with the "Around the Network". It might be that the wiki needs mor…

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