Since discovering this wiki back in April, I have seen loads of pages where the general info is really out of date. Take God of War III for example; The post doesn't even say the release date was announced as March 2010(back in fall 2009 I think it was), but holds instead speculations from 2007. I am certain that you all know this problem, I am just curious how this wiki lost it's updates back in 2007-2008? As it seems that most pages last edit were from then. Again this is just myself asking. I really think this wiki has the potential of being a general gaming wiki, but if a visitor wants in-depth info, the games own wiki would be the place to go. As I've seen on several pages with the "Around the Network". It might be that the wiki needs more traffic, which is also why I like the idea proposed the other day about gaming news.

Anyway. I just thought the idea of an Out of date template would make any person visiting a games page aware of that. And if someone with more knowledge about the subject sees it, he/she can fix it.

So what do you think? And any answers to my questions would be appreciated as I'm fairly new to this wiki and wiki-editing in general(fast learner though).

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