Black Ops II E3

It should come as little surprise that the line for Black Ops II was amazingly long. As I sat in line for nearly an hour, I started to question myself how awesome a 15 minute gameplay video would actually be. However, rather quickly my doubts about waiting in the line faded.

The presentation began with a single-player level, Los Angeles in the year 2025. From there the main character David Mason proceeds throughout the city, going through a variety of locations including a shopping mall, a bridge, and a hotel. My favorite aspect of this presentation was the extended use of the FA 38 air craft. The addition of controllable aircraft is a highly welcome addition to the game. Dog fighting through downtown Los Angeles is definitely something that I am highly anticipating.

The second part of the presentation focused more on the Strike Force gameplay mode. This type of mission gives players complete control over how they want to fight battles. The players can control ground drones, known as "The Claw," fight from an overhead perspective, or fight from a first person normal perspective.

From what I saw from Black Ops II, I believe it is far and away a vast improvement on the previous games. I believe it will be hard for even the most fanatical of COD fans to say that this game is like any of the previous versions that they have played (though we know they will).

For more information, please visit the Call of Duty Wiki.

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