Far Cry 3 was the first game that I played at this year's E3. Having previously played zero Far Cry games, I had no idea what to expect. Sure, I have played a huge variety of first person shooters, but every one of them has their own tricks and nuances.

It goes without saying that having no experience in this game is a bad thing to begin with, even worse when the mode you are playing is co-op. I decided to go with the Rusher class. With this class, I was equipped with a flame thrower. The co-op mode started off in a jungle stage where the objective was to protect the train from the enemies. The enemies rush from a variety of directions attacking you. Teamwork is extremely important, as you have to prevent the train from being destroyed. If the train starts to receive damage, you can switch your weapon to weld the train.

After this first stage, there was another part where you played against your teammates. The enemies had control of a boat, and each player competed to see who could snipe the most enemies.

The final part of the co-op mode showed how bombs work. Your team must work together to plant bombs onto a bridge. The person who decides to grab the bombs and plant them is extremely vulnerable. They no longer sprint and the bomber must be protected by their team completely.

Overall, Far Cry 3's co-op mode was decent. It has a lot going for it by striving to present a variety of different tasks that your team will be trying to achieve.

Please visit the Far Cry Wiki for more information.

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