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Motomuy Toriyama, director of Final Fantasy XIII-2, recently sat down with Crunchyroll to discuss the Historia Crux. He said that the Historia Crux ""functions like a compass for time travel. As the portal which allows the player to select areas and time periods to go to, it functions a bit like a home menu and is at the heart of the story and gameplay progression of Final Fantasy XIII-2."

This will allow players to not just travel through the game's environment, but also through time. Most interestingly is that all of the decisions of the player affects the gameplay and story.

He also stated that it's not likely that he would use time travel in another Final Fantasy game, but he said it is never completely written out as a possibility.

What do you think of the time traveling aspect to this game? Do you think it will make the game better or worse than previous Final Fantasy games?


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