God of War Ascension E3

I have been at E3 for only two hours and I have already gotten an opportunity to play a few games, including the new God of War: Ascension. I had an opportunity to play the multiplayer aspect of the game.

The multiplayer mode took place in the Desert Stage, where I took the side of the Trojans. In multiplayer, the Trojans face against the Titans and the quickest team to get 5000 points is the team that wins. Players can earn points by unlocking chests or defeating members of the opposing team. The combat plays out like the other games of the series, there is still a heavy emphasis on power moves. When a team has reached 5,000 points they have the opportunity to receive the Staff of Olympus. With the Staff of Olympus, they can strike at the fearsome Polyphemus. In doing so, they will secure victory for their team.

Overall, I found the multiplayer surprisingly entertaining for a series that is generally not known for their multiplayer aspects. With the addition to the game, the God of Wars series is being taken to the next level.

For more information about the God of War series, visit the God War Wiki.

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