Lollipop Chainsaw cover

Lollipop Chainsaw is in many ways the game that you would probably expect it to be. Over the top? Check. Ridiculous? Check. But sometimes, these are the exact things that video games should be bringing us.

If you aren't familiar with the story of Lollipop Chainsaw, the game stars cheerleader Juliet Starling. It is the eighteenth birthday of Juliet and at first seems to be a normal day in Juliet's life, until a zombie outbreak starts at her school.

The demo that I played was the prologue. After quickly being introduced to a variety of attacks and moves through a tutorial, you proceed through the school. The combat is in many ways both fun and quirky. When Juliet becomes surrounded by zombies, she can easily hop over them. She also uses her pom-poms to stun the enemies. However, she is also equipped with a chainsaw which is the primary weapon in the game. The chainsaw can be used in a variety of ways including high attacks, low attacks, and combinations. As your progress through the school, you will come across infected classmates who are special zombie types. These classmates are generally a much more difficult battle. As the demo ends, Juliet realizes that the love of her life Nick has been bitten by a zombie and is about to turn. I am definitely looking forward to picking this game up when it releases on June 12th.

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